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Stop overwhelm. Screw frustration. 
Become a Wealthy Woman who Changes the world. today.

I've just had an AMAZING 15 minute laser session with Jess this morning

After 2 weeks holiday I've really been struggling this week to get my head back in the game. I couldn't face the to do list I'd carefully crafted before I went away and completely lost all direction and focus.

10 MINUTES was all it took for Jess to help me organise my thoughts and get a plan together for October split between my corporate menopause work and my personal client pipeline.

PLUS I've got an exciting new project in my back pocket for 2018

You totally rock Jessica Lorimer!

   -   Julie Dennis, Menopause Coach
You started your business to make an IMPACT.
You were ready to change the world. In fact, you still ARE.

But for some reason, things are tougher than they first looked.

  • That Facebook Ads dream life, sipping mojitos by the beach, seems to be getting further and further away.
  • The #DreamClients that were supposed to show up are somehow still missing your message and not benefiting from the impact that you want to have on their life.
  • You keep watching EVERYONE else succeed. And although you're pleased for them... you're also gritting your teeth and wondering why they get the 'perfect hair/ shoes/ life and now business' 
  • You're stuck in feast / famine mode. Some months this whole business thing is a total BLAST... and other months, you want to drown yourself in rioja and take up one of those amazing bar jobs. Because you've always fancied pouring tequila shots and working until 2am. 
  • Maybe your old corporate job is looking quite cosy... and you're wondering if you should go back?

Basically, you feel stuck as f**k and you want to just make things happen. NOW.

Well buckle up buttercup because it's time to live that life that you've been dreaming about.

** Cue angels singing, rainbows appearing and champagne glasses chinking **
Yep. That's right. Your dreams ARE possible. You just need to know where to start ... and what to do.

- Say 'buh-bye' to overwhelm and 'hey there' to streamlined business building success. 

- Create your own success plan; based on tested and proven business building strategies. No fuss. No fluff. Simple, actionable value that you can commit to.

- A membership site - with a mastermind feel. This is a place for leaders who want to create a high quality network AND a high net worth.

- Make a commitment to living your best life - and creating your BEST business. Because business building doesn't *have* to be hard... And it helps if you're surrounded with great people on the journey.
Imagine what you could do if you had the support and the strategies to succeed.
There's just one thing currently keeping you stuck...
Right now, you're drowning in a sea of free information that you just can't seem to implement. 

There are all these 'strategies' and 'approaches' and 'methods' that you should be implementing ... but you just want one that works... not another 20 that don't. And because there's so much out there, you've no idea what to implement or when. Because no-one tells you which stage of your biz you need to be in for it to actually work.

You feel like you're lacking support, you're craving community... but even though you're in ALL the Facebook groups, you're just not finding the method, the map and the mega sisterhood that you're looking for.

So instead, self doubt is creeping in, that 'perfect business' is now leaving you feeling like you've committed to a very expensive hobby and you're surrounded by well meaning family members who keep hinting that a J-O-B might be the better option...
Two and a half years ago - I was right where you are now. And I get it.

And that's why, after a veritable business rollercoaster, I've created WWW(dot) for women in the online space who really want to succeed. 

Who want their dreams to become reality. 

Who want to have it ALL - while they make a HUGE impact on the world.

After all, sometimes you just want to curl up with a glass of red and chat to other women who 'get it'. Instead of your husband/ mum / well meaning neighbour who just doesn't understand why you're so stressed about that landing page.
You want to have #RealTalk and not have to fake positivity - but get real feedback from people who are on your journey with you.

You want to celebrate your successes with women who know about the blood, sweat, tears (and wine) that went into your latest launch. And who support you fully to realise your dreams and to keep growing, expanding and living to the fullest.

You want expert advice when you need it - from someone else who's been right where you are now - and who can help you get to that dream life - without sacrificing your family time/ sleep or anything else that you actually enjoy.
Welcome to WWW(dot)
The community for wealthy women who want to win!
Where women from all over the world realise their dreams
and make amazing things happen.

Jessica you've created such an awesome space for us to be honest, share and ask for help. This is so important for success.

I'm so grateful to be around incredible women doing incredible things.

Gemma Stow, Empowerment Coach
Well hey there action taker!
Three years ago, I threw in the towel in my cushy corporate job. Waved goodbye to a six figure salary, a fancy job title and after work cocktails. I had every intention of waltzing into the online world and making my millions whilst sipping caipirinhas on the beach.

The reality was slightly different.

Three months in, I was in feast or famine mode. I was getting a *few* clients each month but it was so freaking tough. I felt isolated... watching all these amazing women succeed online while I was struggling away, working in my kitchen just hoping to make enough to pay the bills that month.

What had gone wrong? 
Why weren't my dreams working like everyone else's?
I had all the post it notes on my cupboards. I was doing the journalling. I was watching all the webinars, trying to keep up with all of the information ... but it was so hard. 

In trying to do #AllTheThings, I was achieving NOTHING. And I was missing the most important things of all:
Community.     Strategy.     Results.
I was missing support, wasting time on strategies that didn't work and investing time, money and energy into the wrong things. 

I wanted a Fairy Godmother to appear and just fix everything.

I wanted to talk to people who understood what it felt like to try ... and fail.

I wanted to get the results that my *few* clients were getting.

I wanted to be a #baller. I wanted to be an expert. I wanted to be a LEADER.

But wishing for things, hoping for things, dreaming... well that doesn't change things - unless you're ready to take action on them.
Over the last three years, I've failed. 
I've f**ked up. I've made good decisions, bad decisions, average ones. 
I've hired good people, taken great courses and invested regularly. 
I've taken courses that were too advanced for me, I've started things that I haven't finished... I've blamed myself, listened to that nagging little voice on my shoulder telling me to give up...
And yet I've stuck at it.
Blood. Sweat. Tears. Tantrums. Wine.
Women I love. A community I love. 
Clients who buy regularly and get out of this world results.
Launches. Love. Dream Life. Financial Freedom.
Entrepreneurship is a journey
Sometimes it's a journey that we don't enjoy being on. 
Other times it's the best kind of trip you've ever taken.
I'm tired of watching women struggle like I did. 
Your journey shouldn't have to take as long as mine. And unlike me, you shouldn't have to work so freaking hard to find other women to raise you up, to support you - where you can be totally, completely and utterly YOU.

So I've created it. 

For women who want to be WEALTHY. Who want to WIN in their life and business. Who are game -changers, rule breakers, secret first class livers, truth tellers, visionary leaders and more.

Thank you so much for organising Dottie day, I've loved it and loved meeting all you amazing women. I've had a brilliant day with like minded women and I feel really motivated and part of something big, thank you ❤️ and thanks for the fizz Jess!

Sarah Banks, Fertility Coach
So what is WWW(dot)?
It is a life changing community for women who are ready to make serious impact AND income doing what they love.
- Monthly LIVE Training Calls where you can get targeted business advice, ask your questions and get a strategic plan to move forward.

- Weekly Live Q&A's where you can get your questions answered each week and understand how to move forward with your next step.

- Regular GSD (Get Shit Done) Afternoons with Jess. I spend afternoons working live with Dotties and on hand to answer questions :)

- Quarterly 1:1 Laser Sessions. That's right - every quarter, every Dottie gets a 1:1 laser session with me so that I can help formulate action plans and help you expand your empire.

- Quarterly UK Meet-Ups and Twice Yearly International Events

- Weekly business advice, tips and trainings - delivered straight to your inbox.

- A private Facebook group where you can share your big wins, talk about the confusing stuff, the hard stuff... and not worry about Judgey McJudgersons or potential clients watching. A space to get real. Raw. Authentic. And successful. Really successful.

- Behind the scenes look at a multi six figure business - and what it really takes. 

- Exclusive business building content and trainings - that meet you right where you are. Right Now. 

- Guest Experts (over 50 of them!) plus their business building knowledge. We have experts who've created multi-6 and 7 figure businesses teaching mindset, marketing and business building techniques... every single month.

- 20% off EVERYTHING else that I sell... Yep. You heard it right here.
$47 per month. 

Monthly subscription, cancel anytime.
We can change the world. Together.

Join us.
Jess x 
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