Client Love
Sam Bearfoot, Visibility Expert
"I was looking for someone to rebuilt my confidence and make money in my business. I was useless at selling. On my journey, I discovered Jessica and as I was doing my thing, it came up that she was doing a course called 'Cash Creation'. I had done so many different courses and had never gotten the ROI. She was someone that works on results, and it was very clear that is what she gets her clients! She gets results. So, I bit the bullet, and, oh my god, my mind was completely blown. 

Within a really short space of time - a matter of two weeks - I made the return on investment. Fast forward to week six and I had 16x the investment and had my first ever 5-figure month. And I did it in a January. 

If you're struggling with sales, then this is what you need! I cannot give you more of my heartfelt testimony than this. She has changed my life and my business!"
Cristina Bold, Mindset Mentor and Breakthrough Coach
"I started working with Jessica a few months ago. I didn't really have clarity on my ideal client. In only a couple of weeks, Jess helped me create a lot of clarity on who I wanted to serve and how I wanted to serve and how I wanted to grow my business. 

I used to have that sleazy feeling around anything to do with sales and working with Jess has helped me understand to be relaxed and to come from a place of serving is the key to having great sales. 

Her mentoring style is very warm and very close to her client's challenges and it is very empowering. Thank you so much, Jess, for everything that you have changed in my life and my business. I am really grateful!"
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Jen, Business Clarity Coach
"I have very recently worked with Jess, and I want to say how amazing this journey has been. 

She turned me from this haphazard, no strategy, blurting out everywhere coach... I knew what I wanted to provide for my clients, but I was not being the polished version of myself. I couldn't convert and this is what Jess massively helped with. She helped me to apply MY clarity to the strategy that she gave me. She makes sales seem so simple, but I could NEVER have gotten to where I am today without her help. 

Life is so, so much easier now, since working with you. I have a strategic, planned way of working. I'm not everywhere and nowhere. I am able to work in a way that brings me to joy and doesn't bring me to burn out. I have learned that you can actually work less, but with purpose, on your business and make money. 

In two weeks, I hit $8k and she absolutely helped me achieve that. She was a huge part of that achievement. So, thank you so much, Jess. I'll be working with you again, no doubt!"
Malaine Lee, Lifestyle Architect, Wealth and Luxury Mindset Coach
I'm honored to share with you a little bit about Jessica.
Before working with her, it wasn't that my business was suffering, but it just didn't have the direction that it needed. After working with her, my business has increased, my cash flow, my revenue per month has nearly doubled and my strategies are so clear now.
One of the most important things I learned from her is to not be afraid to reach out and ask for support.
I'm eternally grateful for Jessica and really inspired by all that she does.
Sam Bearfoot, Visibility Expert 
(Cash Creation Testimonial)
This is a testimonial for the phenominal Jess Lorimer and the Cash Creation Course. And if you're friends with Jess, you've just seen her update on someone in the course doing 5-figures in 4 weeks... It's MEE!
I can tell you that I set myself a target to do $10k in 6 weeks, so that would be ten times ROI of the course, and just 4 weeks in, we are done! I just f*cking smashed it in 4 weeks! This is all a result of the strategies and the scripts and the logic in the Cash Creation Course!
She is SUPER, super supportive. She is positive and she keeps me on track. I really can't belive about what's being achieved in such a little time.
If you know you have a business and something you can sell, but you don't know how to put it out there, put your hand in your pocket, tap up your credit card, do whatever you have to do to get on these calls!
She will push you far past the comfort zone that you have experienced. I cannot wait until the end of the six weeks to tell you what I've done.
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