I’m a Sales Coach and Business Strategist.

In a previous iteration, I was a corporate high flyer – the most corporate of corporate! I spent 14 hours a day, glued to my emails, constantly running to meetings and living off energy drinks and sushi. Power suits, sky high heels and a caffeine addiction meant that I was living the corporate dream; a great basic salary, good benefits and a really good internal London Tube Map.

But I was miserable. See, whilst I was spending all that time in the office, stressing over someone else’s PnL or writing appraisals until 3am, I was missing out on going for dinner with the girls, seeing theatre shows and being too tired to visit my family at weekends.

The final straw came when I realized that I had taken my BlackBerry on holiday. And not only had I taken it to the Mediterranean, I had spent more time typing out emails than I had wandering through the back streets of Florence or punting in Venice.

It was time to stop. I wanted to be the woman that had it all; the great job, the financial freedom and the opportunity to actually live like I wanted to… But that wasn’t going to fit with my 14 hour days and my identikit office. So I quit.
And it was terrifying!
For the first couple of months, I flailed around, trying not to feel like I’d made a huge mistake. Suddenly, I had no-one telling me how to plan my day or which KPI’s were the most important and the freedom that I had craved suddenly came with a sense of overwhelm and panic – I needed to come up with an amazing idea, make money and be successful again FAST.

Everyone around me kept telling me that I could do anything I wanted, that I’d be successful whatever I tried. But I wasn’t – I was scared, stressed over money and felt like a failure. I just couldn’t come up with a business that I loved – so I couldn’t make them work.

It was a sunny June afternoon, walking my dog along the beach that I finally told a friend that my ideal job would be empowering other corporate women who were in the same situation and needed help to really dig deeper into their business idea, who needed to get to grips with their market research and create their own lucrative niche. My friend looked at me, smiled and said; “If you love it, you’ve got to do it’. And that very day, I did. I made a conscious decision that no matter what, I was going to become a coach and work with other women who had all the corporate skills, to create businesses that they truly loved, to help them out of their panic and overwhelm and into a place of positivity, pleasure and financial freedom.

It was tough; my finances were low – but I decided to make one last ditch attempt for success and hired my own coach to help me get there.

And suddenly everything changed. I had taken ownership of my life again – and it felt amazing. Within my first eight weeks, I had recouped the cost of my coaching course. I started making networks and connecting with other coaches. I began working with amazing women who I spent every day, developing their brand, targeting their ideal clients and marketing themselves to create their own five figure months. And in between all that, I was able to travel; to spend precious time with my family and catching up with friends that I had missed.

My journey to success was exhilarating. I loved every single, crazy second. And that’s what I want for you. Because I have been there – I was you.
And now? Now I’m out of the overwhelm, I’m earning more than I thought possible and I’m getting to connect with amazing women everyday and help them to become the best versions of their selves that they can be – in their business, and in their life. Because financial freedom changes you. Spending more time with your loved ones changes you. Taking ownership of your life changes you.
And it’s all good.
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